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My name is Rina Kramer.
Claudine Uzan Caterer has been serving the Jewish Community World wide for 3 generations.
First in Paris, France since 1963 with Claudine Uzan until 1990. Claudine Uzan is my mother
and was one of the first kosher caterers in Paris. I grew up in our Catering Family business
and around the best kitchens with first class professional French chefs. I have studied the
culinary art in the best schools: hotels in France and Switzerland.
I came in Miami Beach in 1978 and became a caterer myself, following my mother’s footstep
in 1983. I have catered for over 27 years in the Dade and Broward Communities.
Today, I am proud to have my son Daniel Kramer on board, to continue the family tradition.
He went to Paris a few times to do his apprenticeship in some of the top kosher companies
and came back to Miami to work with my in the catering company. He actually
not only works the catering business but also runs the Lunch program at the Hebrew Academy
and has a take-out made to order: “Shabbos to go”.
We take pride in our business, our food and its presentation. We love what we are doing!
We enjoy pleasing our clients with delicious food and great service. We have a solid
reputation with the highest standards of kashruth and fresh served “homemade like”
food presented with a touch of class!
We are also very well aware of nutritional and health issues as we only cook with
olive and canola oil. Never with shortening, hydrogenated oil or transfatty acid.
We have a filtered water system in our kitchen and we never use processed food as
we make almost everything from A to Z. We do not use any products with MSG.
We cater Weddings, Bar-mitvahs, Luncheons, Dinners, Corporate Events,
Vacation Groups, Bris, Sheva Brochos etc…for all Jews regardless of their affiliation
as long as they wish to have a kosher function.
We will be happy to serve you for all your needs in catering.
C.U. at your next Party!


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